Show Low, AZ Attorney Lies with Impunity! Rewarded by Courts!

Hello All:

Not only does this Show Low, AZ attorney lie with impunity and arrogance, she is rewarded for it by the courts, in the form of ill-gotten attorney’s fees. The latest: She sits at her computer, circumventing 3 separate security measures, codes written specifically to keep HER out of my copyrighted materials, and hacks my blog and steals my content. Immediately, attaches this content to her “pleadings” before the court. All without the copyright owner’s permission, me! She calls reproducing 92% of this blogs’ content, and 84% of my published book “Fair Use.”

My latest information is that the court awarded her $1,000 in attorney’s fees because she had to write that pleading. A pleading she conducted criminal activities to compose. I was also informed that some of that $1,000 reward is for mileage. Apparently, she drove over to the court, ~ 30 miles one-way, to put her pleading in the courts’ night-drop so it would be filed on time.suck-up It worked because the court made mention of this “wonder-woman’s” efforts to get her pleading filed on time. Completely ignoring the obvious; her poor time-management skills! Oh yes, and the fact that the Rules of Civil Procedure have been changed to add either 4 or 5 days to the deadline for a timely filing; allowing for mailing time. So, I guess you could say “The Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney” was grandstanding (new synonym for “sucking-up”) – again!

Remember when you were a kid and played games like Hangman and Connect the Dots? Well, maybe not all of us thought that was entertaining; I liked a challenge, even as a kid. In case you have forgotten how entertaining it is to connect the dots and discover the underlying picture, I have posted a connect the dots game for you to play. No one’s watching, go ahead and Play!

Connect-The-Dots Game

Or, you may want to try something a little more challenging:

More Dots – More Fun

The point to this post, as with all of my posts, is truth, or the lack thereof, when it comes to dealing with individuals who only know one way to communicate; to lie about everything! But, once in awhile someone comes along that can’t stand the lies that permeate our society and about something as simple as our everyday lives, where it doesn’t matter and no one really cares.

Now, imagine if you will, a connect-the-dots game without a “starting dot!”

Where would you start; can you “see” the image by looking at what’s already there? Or, maybe just get bored and frustrated and move on to something else? If you just happen to be a mathematical savant solving the picture would be so easy you would be immediately bored! Wonder where I’m going with this meaningless gibberish? There is a purpose to this, I promise. But first, we have to take this one dot at a time to develop the under-lying picture: I love playing with words Chuckling Gesture

Dot #1 is an invoice and some inter-office “notes” regarding a survey done in October 2006, by Isaacson’s Engineering, at Beavis and Butthead’s house (407 S. Tumbling T Dr., Springerville, AZ). I have tried to reproduce these documents so nothing is missed. Some of these notes are short and sweet but nothing is lost on the meaning, or, the implication. Please read them carefully; it will make all of the other dots fall into place much smoother.

Isaacson Invoice and Inter-Office Notes

Dot #2: Springerville, AZ Police Incident Report #07-1156, taken by Sgt. David Gregory, Badge #135. Report was taken on June 18, 2007. Please pay close attention to the sections that are highlighted.

June 18, 2007 Police Report

Dot #3: Butthead places a call on June 19, 2007, to Isaacson’s Engineering at 4:03PM, obviously leaves a message for him to call her back, which he does 6 minutes later, at 4:09PM. The call lasts ~ 6 minutes; long enough for Butthead to tell Isaacson’s she needs him out to her property to do a “pseudo-survey.”Well, let’s think about this for a second or two: And, of course, to allow the benefit of the doubt. Why does someone call a Registered Land Surveyor the day after they file a police report stating that someone moved their survey marker? Duh To get their oil changed of course.

Butthead’s Phone Records

Dot #4: June 22, 2007, at 1:00PM; Isaacson’s Engineering arrives at Butthead’s house to do the fake survey. BTW: Neither survey, the one in October 2006 or the one in June 2007, are recorded at the Apache County Recorder’s Office. But, here is what IS recorded:

Recorder’s Records

Dot #5: The coup de grĂ¢ce!

Earle’s Lie

Now, here’s a practicing attorney that took an “Oath” to be admitted to the Arizona Bar Association and another “Oath” of Professionalism. She, as do all attorneys, answers to the Supreme Court! Do you think she has an ounce of respect for the law, or…the oaths she took? Not only did she sign her name to this lie, she also signed on behalf of her clients, Beavis and Butthead.

When you connect all of the dots these are the images you should have gotten:

wants it all

“The Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney”

Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead

Your connect-the-dots results don’t have to be exactly like mine, the point is the lies have been exposed!

NOTE: The way you keep this kind of “evidence” out of the court is to make sure your opponent is denied their Seventh Amendment Right to a Trial by Jury.

Hope you had fun with my little puzzle and are going away a little less in the dark about what reality actually looks like.

My next “Connect-the-Dots?” Beavis’ “alleged” death.OMG


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