This One Will Never Sit on the Bench!

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“Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney!”

There’s a reason there are so many jokes about lawyers, the really sad thing is; most, if not all, of them are true! The “Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney”, that I write about on this blog has exceeded her own delusions of grandeur.

I haven’t written about it yet because I don’t have any spare time to do things I really enjoy, I’m too busy “answering” bull-crap pleadings. But, they do have an agenda; to “Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming,” in the form of attorney’s fees, that is. For four years she has been trying to find a way to “WIN,” which is what happens to be all important to this sandwich-grabbing street brawler. From her actions it appears that she has lost sight of what it is she was hired to do and has formed a sick kind of symbiosis with her client. In her pleadings, she now uses “we” and “us,” like this case was about her, as well as her client.

A “watchful” friend came across something interesting while helping me research some important information. It just so happened that Navajo County had an opening on the bench of the Superior Court, for a judge! And then, my friend dropped the bomb; the Sandwich-grabbing attorney had applied for the position. OMG! He was certainly joking, right? Sorry, but no he wasn’t. I got the Internet address of where this travesty of information was and went there immediately, to see for myself if her delusions of grandeur actually did not know any boundaries. It was true! Unhappy Smiley

Not to worry, the story only gets better from here. On the same website, informing the unsuspecting public about The Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney vying for such a prestigious position, and, one of great responsibility was an invitation to the “citizens” of their opportunity to email the Governor’s office with an opinion of this attorney possibly being selected for the position. Yes, you would be correct if you thought I would take full advantage of such an opportunity. I did! I am sharing my input to the Governor regarding her possible selection of the “SGA” as a Superior Court Judge:

letter to governor_earle as judge

Further Objections

She didn’t get the position!! Very ExcitedThe citizens of Navajo County don’t know how lucky they are and how dangerously close they came to having this Sandwich-Grabbing attorney sitting in judgment, and not just of civil cases, of them as human beings. Especially if they happen to be a “Pro Se Litigant”. I will be watching for her further attempts to get her ass on a bench!

puppet hammer

One Ruling for Pro Se Litigants!!

This “Law Blog” gives an excellent representation of the disdain attorneys feel towards individuals that represent themselves.

Of course, it never occurred to these attorneys that the reason more people are representing themselves is because of the greed of attorneys, and, their sense of “entitlement” when and IF they take your case. None of them remember that you are paying them. You can’t even ask an attorney a one-sentence question without paying a huge “consultation fee.” It’s amazing that these legal geniuses didn’t see this coming. But, like the “Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney,” these narcissistic ego maniacs didn’t look very far past their check books and grandiose self-images.

I happen to be a “Pro Se Litigant” and I went back to school to get a degree in Paralegal Studies just to try to keep up. However, it has not prevented the “Sandwich-Grabbing Attorney” from insulting me, calling me names, and humiliating me in a very sensitive public forum, such as the court room. What’s so sad about that is that the judge not only allows her to act that way but, he too, can’t resist making back-handed comments about how I draft my motions, and laughing out loud about his own humor.

It certainly must drive her nuts when I find, or am directed to, something about her “activities.” It’s a small consolation to me, in view of the hell she has attempted to inject into my life. If I couldn’t laugh about her feeble attempts to actually “be” an attorney I would end up like her…Revenge-driven! Pointing and laughing


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